Doc Hunt

“I have respect for the college age kid, you respect them, then your earn their respect… I don’t care what grades you make. I don’t give a flyin' rats tail. I don’t care! Mom and daddy will take care of that, or you will. The thing that matters the most to me, and in what I do, is that when you leave here you are a good person. That you don’t go home and kick your dog, or beat your wife, or call your husband words that shouldn’t come out of your mouth. That is what matters to me. The academic part will take care of itself. But if I have not, and my staff don’t do that, we have failed yall. Miserably we have failed." 

- Doc Hunt, VP of Student Development

Dr. Berry

"It is like loosing your legs, then getting a whole new pair and having to learn how to walk all over again. But you have to decide if you even want to walk… With grieving… there are so many different levels of grieving, I have done many funerals from 90 years old to two years old. I thought I knew what it was like to grieve. But I didn’t know how debilitating it could be. Nothing I had experienced could have prepared me for this. You don’t get over it you learn to live with it, and at this juncture I would say I am standing and have taken a few steps. I wouldn’t say I am walking again."

- Dr. Don Berry, GWU Professor