My Gardner-Webb Story

It all began after my junior year of high school. I was at a summer camp when a health assistant and current nursing student began passionately speaking of her love for Gardner-Webb University. I bombarded her with questions like: Is there a football team? How big are the classes? Is the food good? What are the dorms like? How is campus life? After her response to my questions, I knew there was something special about this school, something I wanted to know more about. When I came home from camp that summer the first thing I did was talk to my parents about this school that was in another whole other state. I was interested and determined to experience the passion she withheld. When I searched Gardner-Webb online, it looked absolutely beautiful. Everything about it caught my attention. I scheduled a tour and counted down the days til I would get to see this place.

On my tour I met the admissions counselor I was assigned to and a current student at Gardner-Webb who served as my tour guide. I didn’t know at the time she would become one of my best friends from school! Both representatives displayed the school well! I felt a peace when I stepped on this campus. A peace that I could only understand, and I knew this was it, this would be my home for four years. My heart skipped with excitement. My admissions counselor walked me through every step and answered every question I had, she was excellent and very easy to work with. She helped me get in contact with financial aid which helped  break up the cost to be affordable for my family and myself. She walked me through potential campus scholarships, and taught me everything I needed to know. I attended admissions events like Dawg Days, Jump Start, Nursing Preview Day, and Accepted Students Day. I made a goal to meet new people at each event! While I was interviewing for the Ignite Scholarship, I found my freshman roommate. Determination became a common theme through my process of deciding, being accepted, and committing to Gardner-Webb. The people at Gardner-Webb were determined to have me enroll as a student, my family was determined that I go to a school that I love, and I was determined to feel at home!

Now, as a sophomore student at Gardner-Webb, I can say that all of those feeling have remained constant. I love the people, I feel genuinely cared for and loved here. I have no doubt that my professors want me to succeed and believe in me, and there is no doubt that the people who I call my college friends, will turn into life-long friendships. My education has given me a solid foundation for a career in nursing and I am just so glad I chose Gardner-Webb! 

Elizabeth Jacques, ‘21, Nursing Major