My Top 5: Damian Hutchins

“It is very difficult to rank my all-time favorite experiences at Gardner Webb.  This university is saturated with awesome people and great experiences to be had. I will do my best, but just know there is so much more than only these five experiences that I deeply cherish.” - Senior Damian Hutchins

  1. My all time favorite experience took place at last year's Alpha Chi convention in Portland, Oregon. My team won the $5000 grand prize for our multidisciplinary project concerning oceanic climate change and how human ignorance results in a circle of detriment that harms both ocean life and many aspects of human society. 

  2. I spent four amazing years in the Gardner-Webb Chorale, under the direction of the supremely talented and dedicated Morgan Soja. Whether it be charity concerts or our hallowed Festival of Lights programs, I loved every second that I was given to express the greatness of God through song!

  3. I was a member of the 2018 quiz bowl team and the captain of the 2019 team. We may not have won 1st place in either competition, but I had a wonderful time just getting to compete, have fun with my teams, and meet some incredibly intelligent individuals. 

  4.  I was a peer mentor for three years at the noel center. I am extremely thankful that I was given a chance to share my own knowledge of how to do well in college and how to utilize the accommodations available through the noel program to incoming freshman with disabilities. 

  5. I was a 2018 summer scholar. This amazing opportunity enabled me to conduct my own research and helped me to develop essential planning skills which will aid me in my future career pursuits.