My Top 5: Sydney Hardin

We sat down with senior Sydney Hardin to discuss what made her Top 5 Experiences list. From musical performances and international travel, to academic conferences and networking opportunities, these are the moments that prepared her in different ways for life after college.

1.    In my sophomore year I was able to take an international trip with the concert choir to Northern Ireland. I was introduced to a new culture and had the chance not only to make new friends with the people I met there but to also strengthen my already existing friendships within the choir. I was also able to experience a beautiful country and enjoy God’s creation in a new light and share my love for Him and my love for singing with those we met and stayed with.


2.    It’s hard to pick a single one of these experiences, so I will include all of the times that I have been able to perform with fellow musicians in some way. I have had the privilege to be in two operas during my time at GWU, Cosi Fan Tutte and Many Moons. I have also been able to sing with the jazz band, which allowed me to try a new singing style. The Old-Time ensemble has also been something that I have cherished being a part of, and it has given me the opportunity to learn a new instrument while also enjoying some blue grass singing! I love to sing, and I cherish all of the opportunities I get to make music for the university and with my colleagues.


3.    The Music History classes here have been my favorite courses to take. I loved learning about all the different musical eras and learning more about the musical styles and composers of those times. Dr. Moser made those classes so intriguing, and they helped me gain my love for studying music in a historical way. I would love to continue my schooling and go to school for musicology, and these classes helped start that thought process.


4.     The NCMEA conference in Winston Salem is another great opportunity that I get to have through Gardner-Webb. Through our school chapter of NAfME we are able to attend a music conference. This conference offers workshops, lectures, classes, and concerts that pertain to the field that we are wanting to teach in once we graduate. This is a great learning experience and it allows for networking with people in our profession.

5.     The Alpha Chi convention allowed for some amazing experiences. I not only had the opportunity to travel to Cleveland Ohio and present about something that I find truly fascinating, but I also had the opportunity to experience things that are not found in Boiling Springs. The Cleveland Museum of Art was amazing, and I teared up a little when viewing one of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. The food was incredible, especially the German, and the friendships I made with the people on the trip were even more fantastic. I was able to connect with fellow “nerds” from GWU and have in depth discussion from topics such as growth hormones to Harry Potter.