My Top 5: Elijah Perry

As Elijah Perry prepares for graduation, we asked him to reflect on his time at GWU and come up with his own Top 5 list. From playing Division 1 Football to cheering in the stands as the Runnin’ Bulldogs made their first NCAA tournament appearance, this senior’s list is packed with memorable exeperiences.

  1. Ending my college football career. It was a great experience to play football at the Division 1 level with some of my closest friends.

  2. Enjoying Spring Break trips with some life long friends. We planned trips each year, and it was always something to look forward to after a long semester.

  3. Building relationships with professors and staff. Not only were they great teachers that helped me master concepts of business and marketing, but they also taught me how to network and be a better professional.

  4. Breaking my leg in 2018. I was in a cast and on crutches for what felt like forever, but it was worth it to be able to come back healed and ready to play football again.

  5. Supporting the Runnin' Bulldogs in the NCAA March Madness Tourney! It was a cool experience to see the team make it onto the national stage and watch them play in Columbia.