Tips for Living with Roommates

Living with another person in a residence hall can be tough, especially if you’ve never had to share your space before. These tips can make that transition from “my space” to “shared space” a lot easier!

1.       Agree on ground rules.

Whether you’re rooming with a close friend or someone you just met, have a conversation about your living habits. Are you a morning person who listens to music as they get ready for class? Are you a night owl who likes to study all night? Agreeing on basic ground rules for things like playing music out loud, having visitors over, or even when it’s “lights out” time can make your life a lot more peaceful.


2.       Get to know each other’s schedules

No, we don’t mean stalk your roommate. Being aware of their general class schedule and routine helps leaps and bounds, whether you’re planning on taking a nap and don’t want to be bothered or if you’ve locked yourself out of your room. Pro tips: If your roommate is studying for a big test the next day, don’t have company over being loud and disrupting her peace. If you know your roommate showers every morning at eight, don’t get in the shower at 7:58. It’s as simple as that!


3.       Ask before using each other’s stuff

Always ask before you borrow your roommate’s items. Never take it upon yourself to take without asking because, after all, it’s their stuff.  If your roommate is not there at your time of need, you can always text or call to make sure it’s okay to borrow something.


4.       Clean up after yourself

Were you raised in a barn?! No one likes to clean up someone else’s mess. Staying neat and tidy and picking up after yourself not only keeps your room clean, but doesn’t cause any tension between you and your roomie.


5.       And finally, find time to hang out

It’s basically a built-in friend! Even if you met them for the first time they moved in, that is the perfect opportunity to form a new bond with someone you’ll probably be spending a lot of time around. If you’re going to grab lunch, catching a movie, or headed to Tucker to study, ask your roommate to go with you. Doing things together informally in your free time means you’ll be more comfortable with each other, and you may actually become lifelong friends!

Mia Daniels 19, Biology Major