Time Management

Time management is essential for making the most out of your college experience. First, get yourself a planner! There are so many different options - whether you want a monthly, weekly, or daily layout - choosing your best fit will help you be more organized and more productive. Personally, I like my planner to have both the month and the week layouts. This year I ordered a Passion Planner for the first time. A friend showed me this planner, and now that I have used it I will never quit!


 At the beginning of each week, I take time to write down all my assignments that are due for that particular week, this allows me to plan time to complete them on time. I also use colored highlighters to block off my time, which helps me visualize when my mandatory commitments are and allows me to see what time I have open for studying and social activities.

Monthly layout view:


In the Monthly Layout view, I jot down any personal or work to-dos in priority. The left side of the planner has a column for jotting down people you may want to visit and places you want to see. I think this will be so cool to look back at after this year and remember all the people and places I saw! Also, the monthly layout is great for planning trips like weekend get-aways, school breaks etc.

Weekly Layout View:

Here is a glimpse of my crazy week! Here are what all the highlighted sections mean: Yellow= Classes, Blue= Work, Pink= Young Life. Similarly, to the monthly layout, there is a space to write out good things that happened in your week. In a crazy week full of go, go, go, it’s nice to scribble down a few good things that made the week great. I use the “Work- To-Do List” to write down my online homework at the beginning of each week. Typically, I will write down other homework assignments in the highlighted block on the day they are due! This helps me stay super organized, and not forget a thing!

Day Layout View:


The Passion Planner is separated into 30-minute increments. When I first saw this layout, I thought it would be way too much detail, but turns out for me, if I plan my time using those 30-minute increments, I am more productive! And… for the things I did not highlight, they are important too! Don’t forget to jot down your breakfast dates, study sessions, coffee breaks, and anything else throughout your day. Happy planning!