A Day in the Life of a Gardner-Webb Student

A Day in the Life of a Gardner-Webb Student

Life as a Gardner-Webb student is about more than going to class and doing homework.You have the opportunity to create incredible friendships, get involved in student organizations, and participate in on campus activities. Once your classes are done for the day, there is still so much to do! I love taking classes early, which leaves the afternoon open to do homework, hang out with friends, and participate in other aspects of campus life. 

Breakfast in the Caf is the best place to start your day. They have all the best breakfast foods, such as eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, hash browns, fruit and cereal. After eating a good breakfast, you are ready to conquer your classes for the day. You might go to three or four classes before lunch, depending on how your schedule is set up. Then, you can head to Chick-fil-A with a friend for lunch. After this, many students will go to Tucker in the afternoons to study and hang out with friends. Tucker has private study rooms and public spaces for everything from casual socializing to group study work. 

Tucker hosts many student activities events, like pumpkin painting in the fall or build-a-bear around Valentine’s day. You and your friends can go and participate in one of these fun activities together! Tucker is also the home of the Gathering, a weekly student-led worship service that takes place on Tuesday evenings. Attending the Gathering is a great way to meet new people and find opportunities to participate in campus ministry and community. 

If you go to bed early, this might be the end of the day for you, but if you’re a night owl, grab some friends and watch a movie in the lobby of your dorm or head out for a late night Cookout milkshake run. After a day like this, a good night’s rest is a must, so get some sleep and get ready for another full and fun day here at the Webb!

Raygan Hall: Senior. Psychology Major. Youth Discipleship Minor.