Self-Care In College

Self-care is a necessity for everyone to function on a daily basis. As a college student, this can be tricky because of the pressure put on you to work hard and excel in your studies. Some students might endure the pressure of outside distractions, not knowing how to manage time, or being overcommitted to various activities. Between managing classes, friendships, and making sure you get enough sleep - college can be overwhelming. Here are 6 of my best tips for adding a little self-care to your daily routine.


1.    Enjoy what you study

If you’re stuck in a major that you don’t enjoy, it could make your college experience more difficult and not enjoyable. Don’t let anyone pressure you into going into a certain major or program because that's what they think is best for you.


2.    Have friends that support you

Having a support system will get you through all of the kinds of stress and tough situations that you'll inevitably face in college. From "what do I wear to Spring Formal?" from "how do I handle this conflict in my class?" one or two close friends can help you navigate all of that uncomfortable stuff. Plus, these guys or gals may become like family, and make your home-away-from-home more comfortable.


3.    Remember that You Are More Than Your Academics

It is totally normal to want to be successful in everything that you encounter, but sometimes you will fail. The good news is that failing doesn’t define you.  College is filled with so many people that base their worth on their academics and that can be really harmful in the long run. Remember to take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are valuable because you are a person - not because you made an A on your Chemistry test.


4.    Take Care of Yourself

I always say that if you look good, then you’ll feel good! If you’re feeling down one day, take a little extra time to pamper yourself before you head out. Take extra time on your hair or picking an outfit. Walking out the door feeling confident about how you look could make you feel ready to take on whatever life throws at you.


5.    Learn more about student support services

Most Universities have counseling centers and support groups. These services can be great ways to get help if you don't feel comfortable talking to your parents, family members, or friends about what is going on in your life. At Gardner-Webb, our Counseling Center offers appointments throughout the week and is 100% confidential. Take advantage of resources like this to ensure that you are your best self.


6.    And finally...take a break!

It is very important to realize when you need a break. Being stressed affects you in many different ways. It may affect your eating habits, your sleeping patterns, and can even cause you to get sick. Remind yourself that it is totally normal to slow down, collect your thoughts, get some much-needed rest, and reach out for additional help if needed.

Mia Daniels ‘19, Biology Major