5 Ways GWU Students Spend Their Reading Day

Reading Day is what every student looks forward to in the Spring semester. It's the day after the last day of class but before exam week, giving you a day off to prepare for the week ahead. The way that students spend this day varies - some may catch up on studying, where some may catch up on sleep. The beauty of Reading Day lies in the plethora of choices each student faces as they decide how to spend their time. There is no "bad" way to spend it - just the way that sounds best to you. 

Here are the top 5 ways that GWU students spend their Reading Day: 

1.   Hanging out at Kind. For some students, the local coffee shop is the perfect place to spend some time studying. Their tables create cozy nooks where you can spread out and get your work done without feeling like you're cooped up in the library. Plus, their wide selection of coffee, tea, and delicious treats makes this a popular place for our students. 


2.   Spending the day at the Broad River. After a long semester, many students can be found soaking up the sun and dipping their toes in the water. The Broad River is a popular spot to spend this day relaxing and hanging out with friends before the stress of exam week fully sets in.  


3.   Catching up on sleep. Ah, sleep. That elusive thing that most college students have only heard of and not experienced. Some students find themselves sleeping in, napping, and otherwise catching up on some z's so that they're rested and ready going into exam week. 


4.   Studying. Of course, Reading Day is filled with students who hit the books, review their notes, and get a head start on their test preparation. Some students also make time to meet with their professors to review material they may have questions on. 

5. Hammocking by the lake. Let’s be real – this is a popular way to spend the day, on any day that the weather is nice. Students hang up their hammocks in the trees by Lake Hollifield and bring their books or laptops to study. You may see some catching a quick nap or simply enjoying nature.