A Journey to Nursing School

If you are reading this, you more than likely fall into one of these categories: 

1. Your mom made you read this 

            2. You’ve looked into every major and still have no idea what’s for you
            3. You want to do something medical and this seems like fun

            4. You KNOW nursing was made for you!

I can tell you that I was in every one of those categories before I felt confident that nursing was for me. By my junior year in high school, I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field, but I had absolutely no idea what. 

When I was touring colleges, I attended Gardner-Webb’s Nursing Preview Day.  This event allowed me to meet other prospective nursing students, talk with professors, learn more about the many nursing programs offered, and get hands on experience in the labs – before I even committed to GWU. I walked out of Nursing Preview Day amazed at the Hunt School of Nursing (HSON). The talking mannequins, simulation rooms, and interprofessional hubs really impressed me. I still wasn’t sure if nursing was for me, but I was hoping so because the equipment looked so fun to play with! 

A major plus and a deciding factor for me was being able to apply to the HSON as a senior in high school. At many universities, nursing applicants are not taken until sophomore year. That puts many students in a bind, wagering their degree on their acceptance into the school. The security of knowing that I had a spot into nursing school, in addition to my overall acceptance to Gardner-Webb University, was HUGE in my decision making process. 

Fast forward and now I am at Gardner-Webb as a sophomore BSN Nursing student. As a BSN nursing student, I am taking three nursing classes: Pharmacology, Health Assessment and a Health Assessment lab during my first semester of sophomore year. This is a great introduction to nursing, learning the basics and getting my feet wet building the skills that will become a foundation for my career. These classes are challenging and much harder than general education classes, but taking a class that you’re passionate about is a whole different story. Plus, the professors are so encouraging, kind, and always willing to work with you that it makes all the extra time you spend studying worth it. 

Now, it is a stressful major that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. There are some days where I wish I had picked anything else to study, but I know that the challenging coursework and lab simulations I have to go through now will only prepare me for the real world, where I won’t have a professor evaluating my skills and giving me feedback. I wouldn’t trade my spot in the HSON for anything! 

Liz Jacques ‘21, Nursing Student (BSN).