Make Your Break Last All Semester

You may have been looking forward to Spring Break for a long time, spending extra hours at work or in the gym, maybe even getting ahead on assignments. When you are in college, everyone will talk about their different, exciting plans. Then after the week is over it seems like things are “back to reality,” but they don’t have to be! As the week wraps up, stay focused, enjoy the last few days, and make an effort to reset for the rest of the semester with these simple tips. 


1.   Journal.

You tell yourself all the time that once you get to the beach you’re going to read and journal every morning and evening. You might even stuff your suitcase with five books if you’re ambitious. For just a week, that seems pretty easy! Take that same motivation into the semester and set a small goal of reviewing your week every morning. Think of different things that you could improve on for the remainder of the semester.

2.   Walk.

Not just to the fridge, but maybe a lap outside. A single lap around your childhood neighborhood can be refreshing when you have all of this sudden free time on your hands. This is a little step that goes a long way! Make it a habit and take those laps from the cul-de-sac to around campus! 

3.  Catch up with friends.

Spend time with the people who you haven’t been able to during the last couple of months, or facetime the ones that are far away. Your support system is important, and investing in those people is really important, especially those back home. When you get back to school, be intentional with your friendships. When you see the same people every day it is easy to take them for granted! 


It may seem like common sense, but the process of slowing down is the most valuable thing in enjoying your break. These small things can be incorporated into your routine after the break is over, and then it never has to end! Make your own list of things that bring you peace or help you to relax, and remember the value of rest can be applied to any week of the year.