My Top 5: Kathryn Helms

We Sat down with Kathryn Helms, a Theatre major, and asked her to share some of her favorite experiences at Gardner-Webb.


Kathryn participating in the play “The Bald Saprano “

Kathryn participating in the play “The Bald Saprano “

1) Performing in the GWU's performance of Sweeney Todd. 

 This was a hard musical, and I never thought I'd be able to be in it, especially with such a fantastic group of people. It was a dream, and Gardner Webb gave me that experience. I grew so much from it - professionally, theatrically, and maturely. It was my favorite performance so far.


2) Dining on campus.

 I know many of dining services staff by name, and they know us by our names as well—a hard feat considering we only need to know twenty people and they know many out of our thousands of students. It makes you feel more at home at college because of their kind and carting attitude.


3) Building relationships. 

 I have met some of the most amazing people in the world here and many who have helped me grow as a person. You can be sitting in a lounge with a friend, and someone will offer to go buy you a cookie from Chick-fil-A just to make you feel better. That’s just how a lot of the students here at Gardner Webb are. 


Some people will say small college towns do not have endless things to do. But I’ve had some of my favorite nights on campus just going to a random Waffle House or walking around campus late at night. There’s never a lack of people to make memories with.


4) Attending a Theatre Master Class Guest Lecture

 During my first year, I was able to participate in a monologue masterclass.  I also went out to eat with the guest lecturer afterward and just had fellowship. I went to a competition many months later, and she still remembered who I was. The guest professionals who visit are amazing and will always support you. 


5) Participating in Eleemosynary. 

 I had the opportunity to be an Assistant Director for the production of Eleemosynary. It showed me the passion that I have for directing that I never thought I would have and led me to officially declare my major as Theatre. The theatre program really accepted me, and I found someone that I consider to be a mentor. Eleemosynary was the show that set me on the path that I’m on today, and I’m so thankful for that experience.