You’ve Survived the Semester, But What About the Final?

Find Your Study Place If you want to catch a study room at the Tucker Student Center, go early! Tucker is open 24 hours so you can study as long (or as little) as you need. Bring your expo markers - these rooms have whiteboards which are perfect for studying. They are also equipped with AppleTV and AirPlay capabilities so you can share your screen or project videos. When you get hungry, you can go right downstairs and eat at several of our dining options, including Cantina 1905, SubConnection, and Broad River Coffee. If you study better in more of a quiet atmosphere, the Library may be for you! I study best in quiet places, like the study rooms in the library or the cubbies on the bottom floor. Find what works for you and stick to that!

Pizza Fairy Ever heard of the pizza fairy? Well, I’m happy to tell you it’s a thing here at Gardner-Webb University. Free Pizza is brought to students by our library staff. The pizza fairy comes around several times during finals week to hand out free pizza! Take a slice and relax.

Free Coffee PSA: the coffee machine in the library is FREE during finals week. Take advantage of this! If you’re a coffee drinker like me, this will be your favorite part of finals week.

Pick the Right Music Your choice of music can help or hurt your studying! If music doesn’t distract you, go for it. It may help relax your brain, increase your productivity, and make a long study session more enjoyable!

Exercise Make time to exercise! Take a walk, play a game of pick-up basketball, or maybe even take one of our university offered classes like Cross-Fit or Refit. Exercising proves to have many health benefits including an increase in concentration and energy levels. It won’t be wasted time, and it can be an excellent study break.

Disconnect Unplug from technology and you will add hours to your day! Limit the amount of time you are scrolling through social media, playing games, or watching Netflix on your phone. Something that helps me is to leave my phone in another room, take off my Apple Watch, and dedicate an hour or two just for studying.

Rest Most importantly, make sure that you are sleeping. Your brain needs to rest and recharge alongside your body. All-nighters may seem like the only way to pass your exam, but managing your time well and studying productively will lead to a better final exam grade than cramming a semester's worth of material into your head.