5 DIY Crafts for Valentine's Day

Need some last minute Valentine’s Day inspiration? Put some creativity into your gifts this year and make something that your sweetie is sure to love. Here are the 5 Best DIY Crafts for college students from around the Internet! Bonus points if you make them GWU-themed.


1. Decorated Mason Jars

You can’t bottle up love but Mason Jars are your best bet. This DIY craft is sure to be A-mason.


2. Carved Candle

Feeling a little 80’s nostalgia? Grab a candle and carve those initials!


3. Paint Penned Wood Panels

It doesn’t simpler than this, folks. Grab a paint pen and wooden planks, then get creative!


4. Cupcake Letterboard

Turn delicious cupcakes into pun-worthy AND delicious cupcakes with this sweet touch.


5.Conversation Heart Bouquet

Flowers and conversation hearts are a lovely combo sure to get the message across.