College Fashion Staples

Here’s a list of all my college “must-haves” when it comes to clothing…


Oversized t-shirts

-          Who wants to wear super tight, fitted t-shirts? Not me! They may not be the most flattering, but in college you’ll learn comfort often takes priority.

Nike shorts

-          Paired with a 3xl t-shirt, nothing is more comfy than this on a day full of class.

Your favorite flannel

-          Soft, comfy, and super cute.

That one pair of favorite jeans

-          You know the ones I’m talking about!


-          Leggings and boots is the uniform of the modern college girl in the winter.

A professional outfit

-          Seriously, this will come in handy. You may have a job interview or a networking opportunity come up!


-          For those days when you wake up five minutes before class and have to throw something on.


-          Unfortunately, we all have bad hair days.

A few dresses

-          Whether it’s a girls night out with your besties or a date night with your crush from class, a few cute dresses will always come in handy.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

-          A girl’s gotta have options.

A classic v-neck

-          If you’ve got one in every color, then you’ve always got an outfit.

Cute p.j.’s

-          For roommate PJ parties, of course!


-          It can get a little chilly here in the Fall and Winter, so make sure you’re prepared but still looking cute.

Workout Gear

-          Even if you’re into athleisure, workout gear is always pretty comfy and will have people thinking you go to the gym a lot more than you actually do.

A rain jacket

-          You’ll be glad you have one during those unfortunate times of walking to class in the rain!

Liz Jacques ‘21, Nursing Student (BSN).