Campus Ministries

One of the benefits to attending a Christian school is that there are so many different ministry opportunities. Wherever it is that you feel called to serve, we have various outreach and ministries that give students a chance to reach out to others in the community, get involved and serve others!

Here are some of the different ministries available for you to get involved with on campus. 

Men’s and Women’s Ministry

If you want to find a great small group on campus, this is the way to do it. We have many small group leaders that will be discussing different topics and you will be able to join a group based on what you feel like you need or the ways in which you want to grow. This group can be a place of refuge and rest during a busy week of school and is definitely a great way to make new friends around campus. 

Athletics Ministry

If you are an athlete or have a heart for the athletes on this campus, this is your chance to serve them. This group goes to the teams, gives them goody bags, leads devotions for teams and is committed to serving the athletes in different ways, whether it be washing their feet or baking cookies for them, and of course, going to their sporting events and encouraging them! 

Prison Ministry

About once a month, we take a trip to a local prison to share the gospel with inmates. You will have the chance to do a devotion with them, sing some worship music, and build relationships with these people who often do not get shown very much love and grace. Transportation to the prison is always provided and you will get to go experience this with other students. 

Prayer and Encouragement

This group is one that is typically working behind the scenes to support and love students on this campus. This group meets regularly to pray for all the students on campus. Also, each month there is a “dorm of the month” and during that month we specifically commit to pray for the people living there. This group also facilitates prayer and encouragement boxes around campus and organizes prayer walks around the school. 


Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group for students who are athletic and want to learn how to grow in the Lord and share the gospel with their teammates. This ministry is an opportunity for fellow athletes to meet and share stories and encourage each other within their sports. 

Outreach Ministry

This group plans ways in which we can minister to others off campus. This group takes students to serve in places such as churches, homes within the community and to serve with Operation Christmas child. 

Gospel Choir

If you love to sing and want to use your talents to share the gospel, this is a great way to do so. This group goes around to different churches and events to sing about the great love of the Lord and encourage others through their music. 


This is a women’s group that is based on discovering your true identity in Christ while building authentic relationships with other girls on campus. This group meets once a week, and there is always a speaker and sweet time of worship and fellowship with friends. 

Young Life

This is an off-campus ministry in which college students have the opportunity to mentor and love on middle and high school kids in the community surrounding the school while walking through life with other college students who have a passion for seeing adolescents come to know Christ. They do this through building authentic relationships with kids. This ministry also has a small group on campus for students who are interested in growing in community and their relationship with the Lord and building strong leaders on our campus. 

Student-Led Worship

We also have The Gathering, which is a student-led worship service that welcomes all students on campus. Through music, a speaker, drama, and fellowship, each person is provided the opportunity to worship with fellow students. This happens once a week and is a great opportunity to be encouraged and find community within the school. 

No matter where you feel called to serve, we have somewhere for you to get invested on this campus. When you invest in ministry, you invest in community, which is a vital part of thriving during your college experience! We hope that you will be encouraged and find your place within all the ministries our campus has to offer.

Raygan Hall: Senior. Psychology Major. Youth Discipleship Minor. 

Places To Visit Near Campus pt.1 – Asheville

Places To Visit Near Campus pt.1 – Asheville

When people ask me where Gardner-Webb is I usually tell them it’s near Charlotte, but really there are many other big cities nearby. Although Boiling Springs isn’t a city that most people know off the top of their heads, it is a place that has tremendous character and many fun things to do just down the road. One of my favorite weekend destinations is Asheville, NC, which just happens to be about an hour away from campus!

The Five Best Things About Being A Freshman (At GWU)

The Five Best Things About Being A Freshman (At GWU)

1)    Orientation Week

by Alice Byrd

It will be the most uncomfortable week of your life, if you’re an introvert like me. However, it is also the most exciting week of your life! Three staples of GWU Orientation Week are Bulldog Madness, the Think Fast Game Show, and Lip Sync. These events are designed to get you out of your comfort zone – and believe me, it works!

To you senior,

To you senior,

by Caroline Fry

For you seniors, I would encourage you to sit down and really examine your personal life as both an individual and a student. Would you be able to succeed and make the grades at a school where your class sizes are about 500 people, or do you need to have that one-on-one attention that Gardner-Webb can give you? ....

So Much To Do, So Little Time

So Much To Do, So Little Time

by Jessica Saltijeral

Do you recall the phrase Carpe Diem? Well, that’s my advice to you in college. Seize the moment. Your time here is limited and your college experience goes far beyond the perimeters of Boiling Springs, NC. The opportunities here are truly endless and are await you; you just need to make the time to take advantage of them....

1 in 38 : GWU

1 in 38 : GWU

by Liv LuVisi

38 college applications. 38 times of typing in my name, email, address, social security number, and phone number. Approximately 20 essays (because not every college application requires one). An insurmountable amount of hours in front of a computer screen during my Senior year of high school. Follow-up calls from Oregon, Louisiana, Washington state, North Carolina, Montana, Utah, Michigan, Mississippi, Minnesota....