The ABC's of GWU

Just 25 things that make GWU the place that it is. 

A – Academics, the world-class foundation of a GWU education. 


B – Breakfast, which is served all day at the Snack Shop on Main Street. 

C – Cantina 1905, popular Tucker eatery known for burrito bowls, tacos, and nachos. 

D – Dover Library, where you will surely spend some late nights studying. 

E – Eggs, which Randy in the Caf will scramble, fry, or fix however you like, if you ask nicely! 

F – Faith – as a Christian university, faith is central to our mission, “for God and humanity.” 

G – Geese everywhere. By the lake, by the quad, in the parking lots. They are basically students too. 


H – Hollifield, the lake behind the Tucker Student Center. Home to fish, turtles, geese, and probably the Loch Springs Monster.   

I – Intramural Sports, organized through Campus Recreation! Sign up for everything from soccer to racquetball. 

J – Jones, aka Dr. Jones, Dean of the Honors Program, Professor of Biology, and campus fixture. 

K – KIND Coffee on Main Street, known for delicious acai bowls, coffees, smoothies, and baked goods. 

L – Lutz-Yelton Residence Hall for males. Pro tip: it’s “lootz”, not “luhtz." 

M – Mauney Residence Hall for males. This one’s weird too: “mooney”, not “mauhney.” 

N – (chick) N (minis) served for breakfast daily at Chick Fil A in the D.C.C.!


O – O.M.G., our nickname for O. Max Gardner Hall, or just the “music building.” 

P – Parking, specifically parking ticket if you park in the red spots!  

Q – Quad, with the best kept grass in the state of North Carolina. 


R – Resident Advisor, aka the person on your hall that organizes residence hall events, keeps you safe, and is always there to talk. 

S – Stroup Hall. We’ll help you with this one, too – it’s “strap” not “stroop.” 

T – Tucker Student Center! The heart of campus, home to the Campus Shop, Post Office, essential offices, and delicious restaurants.  

U – University 111, the class where you’ll meet your first college friends. 

V –  Views from the back of Tucker, which is the best place to watch the sun set. 


W – Walking, which is the best way to get around campus. Unless you’re late, then run. 

X – Xylophones (didn’t expect that, did you?) If you listen closely, sometimes you can hear the Marching Bulldogs practicing in the Fall. 

Y – Yellow Mall, the unofficial name of the outlet shopping center just thirty minutes away in Gaffney, S.C.! 

Z – Zillions of memories, which is what you’re going to make in your four years at Gardner-Webb.