Ultimate Guide to Study Spots on Campus

During finals week, you may find yourself drinking more coffee than normal, staying up late to study, and spending more time than usual in your preferred study spots. As the Library and Tucker Center fill up with folks preparing for exams, don’t let the crowds stand in the way of your study session. Here is your ultimate guide to the best study spots on campus!


3rd Floor Study Rooms

One of the most popular places to study is in the study rooms on the 3rd Floor in the Tucker Student Center. Equipped with AppleTV and Airplay, and featuring a spacious conference table with room for five people, this is a popular place for groups of students to study.

Bottom of the Dover Campus Center

Conveniently located right beside Chick-Fil-A and multiple vending machines, the bottom floor of the Dover Campus Center is an often overlooked area. There is plenty of space to spread out, plug in, and study away. During the evenings, many of the offices in this building are closed, making it a quiet alternative to a more crowded area like the Library during finals week.

Academic buildings

Do you need space to spread out, and a whiteboard to scribble all over? If so, check with your professors or Department Chair to see when your department’s building will be open throughout finals week. Chances are the classrooms will be empty if there isn’t an exam going on. This can be a great place to study if your final involves a group project or presentation.

The Library

A tried and true location. The Dover Library features all kinds of nooks, rooms, spaces, tables, and comfy chairs to study in. Wether you snag a study room on the third floor, a quiet, private carrell on the first floor, or prefer to camp out in the Bat Cave, this spot is sure to be filled with students studying as fervently as you are.

The Tucker Library

This space, located at the back of Hamrick Hall, features two large conference tables and plenty of space to spread out. This low-traffic area can provide a quiet environment to get your work done. Since this is in an academic building, you may encounter other students who are waiting to take an exam or just got out of one.

KIND Coffee Shop

Located on Main Street, KIND Coffee is a popular study spot during the year. Snag a table, get a coffee or a sweet treat, and get off campus for a little bit while you work. This is also a great place to take a study break, talk to some cool people, and get re-energized for your finals ahead.


What’s worse than beautiful weather during finals week, when you’re cooped up indoors? Not passing your finals, that’s what. Here are some places where you can study, while still enjoying the sunshine.

The Quad

Centrally located in the middle of campus, there is plenty of room to spread out a blanket and hit the books. Studying on the quad makes for a relaxing afternoon, but you may have to watch out for people playing ultimate frisbee or soccer!

Back Porch of Tucker

The first, second, and third floors of Tucker all have large “back porches” with comfortable couches, tables, and rocking chairs which make it a prime study spot. Don’t discount the beautiful view either - this is a picturesque place to review your notes or write a paper.

Hammocking by the lake

This one varies from person to person! If you’re the type of student that can hammock by the lake and not fall asleep from the gentle rocking of a hammock, you’ll do great. Otherwise, make sure you’re prepared for a few power naps while you’re out there.

Take a lap

Ok, bear with us here. If you are a kinetic learner that needs to speak your notes, a great way to do this and get your steps in is by reviewing your notes on a lap around campus. Just be careful where you walk, and pay special attentions to intersections. Take a buddy along and talk out the material with them! This is a great way to practice for spoken foreign language exams, speeches, or other presentations.

The Broad River

Pack a blanket or a towel and head down to the river! Similar to the quad, there are plenty of open spaces to spread out and study while enjoying the scenery around you. There are picnic tables by the lake as well, if sitting at a table is more your style.

The Swings

There are swings located all around campus, and if you don’t mind swinging back and forth, this can be a very peaceful way to study. This is especially recommended if you’re doing any reading or reviewing via your laptop or textbooks. Snag the swing under the big shade tree on the quad - you’ll get the best afternoon breeze without any glare from the sun.