What Does a Tuition Freeze Mean For You?

Going to school at Gardner-Webb has always been about more than going to class, getting a degree, and entering your profession. That’s important, but it’s also about growing personally and spiritually through life changing experiences. 

This growth happens outside of the classroom, during worship, on a mission trip, in a club meeting, and as you experience campus traditions like Homecoming Week or Pancake Bingo year after year. We recognize that higher education is vital in preparing you for life and work after college, but that it is a growing financial commitment. That’s why we are always looking for ways to make education more affordable.  This undergraduate tuition freeze for traditional programs for the 2019-2020 school year is our latest effort. 

Below, we discuss exactly what a tuition freeze means for you and your family as you make the decision to go all in. 

What is a tuition freeze, and does it apply to me?

It is a “freeze” or “stop” on the cost of attendance from rising in the next year. It applies to incoming freshmen, transfer students and current undergraduates for the 2019-2020 year.

Why is a tuition freeze important?

We believe that the value of a GWU education is already great, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to how cost affects our students. The tuition freeze allows students to focus on research, mission trips, internships, and service opportunities without worry about how they will pay for the next semester. 

How will this benefit me?

The freeze aims to make a GWU education more attainable for all students, no matter their financial background. 

 Will this affect my existing financial aid?

It just depends on your individualized financial package.  For specific questions about your existing financial aid package, email financialplanning@gardner-webb.edu


Six months after graduation, 98% of GWU students are employed or pursuing graduate programs. We are continuing that tradition of excellence by making it more affordable for more students to take advantage of all that we offer. For more information about the tuition freeze and how it may affect you, email admissions@gardner-webb.edu