Dear Younger Me...

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and give your younger self some advice? I sure do. Whether it’s telling myself not to make a certain decision, or to just slow down and enjoy life, I know I certainly have some things I could say to a younger version of me.  I figured that most people feel this way. You probably wish you could rewind and tell your 13 year-old selves to just tryout for the soccer team, or maybe not to get that haircut.  In the same way, students here at Gardner-Webb have some things they wish they could say to their high school selves. We thought you would want to hear some of the advice!

“Take it all in and don’t rush it. I was ready to get out of there, but I would've enjoyed it a lot more if I had been more willing to slow down and be where I was supposed to be, not with my mind only on the future!” –Ruthie Lievsay, Junior Art and Psychology Major

“Don't get caught up in the little awkward or awful moments - your life is a collection of so many wonderful things- don't lose yourself in moments!” –Kyle Medlin, Junior Nursing Major

“Choose your friends wisely and don't be afraid to change friend groups if they aren't pushing you to pursue God!” –Madison Swift, Senior Political Science Major

"Don't worry about the little things and trust that they will work out. And also, invest in people more." -Alex Bennett, Senior Communications Major

“It’s okay to be different and even if your personality is a little weird, you'll attract people who are in the same boat as you.” –Jesse Anne Rogers, Senior Nursing Major

“Do what makes you happy and don't base your actions on what other people will judge you on. Be you and be unique.” –Codi Slayton, Sophomore International Business Major

"Put people first, and never down. Value your education the same way that you value yourself, and seek God through everything." -Shelby Putnam, Freshman Political Science Major

“Tell your teachers how much you appreciate them, they care more than you think.” –Austyn Gorski, Sophomore Psychology Major

“Invest in people that you wouldn’t normally hang out with. I waited until the last 2 months of my senior year to hang out with other people, and they ended up being some of my really good friends. I wish I would have gone out of my way to invest in them earlier on instead of staying in my comfort zone and being shy.” –Keely Brown, Sophomore Business Major

“Focus on friends and relationships with your peers more rather than just focusing on school and sports!” –Bailey Hierholzer, Sophomore Elementary Education Major

“Don't worry too much about your grades or trying to do too much. Hang out with your friends as much as possible without failing.” –Richard Martin, Sophomore Broadcast Journalism Major

“Always remember a man with no sauce is lost, but that same man can be lost in the sauce.” –Noah Cranford, Sophomore Business Administration Major

Kieran Garvey. Junior. Public Relations Major. Young Life leader. SGA Executive. Raleigh Native.