A Senior’s Thank You Letter to Gardner-Webb

Dear Gardner-Webb,

Thank you for pancake bingo, our finals week campus tradition that gives everyone something to look forward to - no matter how many finals they have to study for. 

Thank you for the best- kept quad in the state of North Carolina. Thank you for the beautiful trees, whose leaves come alive in the fall with bright colors. Thank you for the flowers in the spring, which make walking to class much prettier. 

Thank you for small class sizes and professors that care. Thank you for always encouraging me to speak up and join the conversation. I am thankful for professors that turned into mentors who pushed me to go above and beyond. 

Thank you for the University Police Officers who are always there when I need them. Between locking myself out of my room, losing my student ID, or giving golf cart rides to class, they have always been there to help me out. 

Thank you for lifelong friendships with people I’ve grown to know and trust. Thank you for random roommates who turned into best friends and hallmates that were always available for movie nights or Cook Out runs. 

Thank you for bringing cute little puppies on campus once a month for those of us who get homesick. Paws Awhile is a constant bright spot during the year that everyone looks forward to. 

Thank you for Division 1 sports, which have allowed me to cheer on my fellow Runnin' Bulldogs at every game, match, or meet possible. Thank you for dedicated, talented athletes who give our campus so much to be proud of. 

Thank you for career services who helped me figure out the real world, little by little. From resumes to mock interviews, they prepared me for the future! 

Thank you for gorgeous sunsets and chicken tender Saturday. 

Thank you for the best four years I could have imagined. 

Sincerely, #gwugrad18

The Class of 2018 graduated a month ago. While we were sad to see them go, we were so thankful for their time, achievements, and impact on this campus. We wish them the best of luck in the future and hope they come back to visit sometime soon.