College Life Hacks from Upperclassmen

Whether you're an incoming Freshman or an underclassman, these life hacks from our upperclassmen are things you won't learn in the classroom, and won't want to forget when college gets a little too stressful.

Life Hack #1

"Use Amazon text book rentals when getting your books for classes, it saves loads of money!"

Kacy O'Connor from Southport, NC. Senior Marketing Major. Women's Volleyball. Gardner-Webb President of Marketing Club.

Life Hack #2

"Take naps any time possible because with classes, extra-curricular activities, friends, food, studying, etc. you need to be well rested."

Dewayne Wray. Senior Marketing Major from Gaffney, SC. Football player. Vice president of the Marketing Club.

Life Hack #3

"If you write your essay and then copy and paste it into Google Translate, it will read it back to you, making your proofreading more efficient and effective."

Caroline Fry. Senior Marketing Major, Psychology Minor. Student Recruitment Ambassador Coordinator. Vice President of Marketing Club.

Life Hack #4

“Upon entering college you must learn how to use the following things in order to survive: Spotify, Quizlet, Keurigs, and old tests.” 

Catherine White. Senior Exercise Science Major. Women's Tennis. Delight. SAAC. GWU 360.

Life Hack #5

"If you like hot chocolate or coffee, make sure to have a to-go cup ready for your early morning classes to keep you awake."

Brianna Nagle. Chesapeake, Virginia. Senior Exercise Science Major. Women's Soccer.

Life Hack #6

"The best thing you can do is ask people their name. Call them by name whenever you see them, and question them each time you see each other what your name is. That will lead to further getting to know anyone, by starting with their name and remembering it."

Keaton Whiteside. Junior Public Relations Major in Communications. Kansas. Gathering Worship Leader. FOCUS.

Life Hack #7

"When in doubt, Dr. it out. If you're not sure if the professor has a PhD or not, always start the email with "Hey, Dr..." you don't want to degrade a Dr. by calling them a professor and if you call a professor a Dr. they will appreciate your unknowingly innocence thinking their lectures are PhD worthy: it's a win-win"

Jake Kennedy. Business Administration Major, English minor. Junior. Executive Parliamentarian for Student Government Association. VP for SAAC.

Life Hack #8

"Always go talk to your professor, even if you're passing the class. Most of them are very encouraging and you never know when you might need some extra credit!"

Jesse Anne Rogers. Senior Nursing major. Athletic Ministry. Joyful Hands.

Life Hack #9

“Make friends with the Cafeteria staff, they will serve you the better looking or fresher food and tell you what to eat and avoid. Also they will give you a little extra or help make your order just the way you want it. Soon Randy will know your egg order, see you and have it ready even before you step foot in line.”

Connor Bos. Holland, Michigan. Senior Business Finance/Economics Major. Men's Swim Captain. Executive VP SGA.