That Time I had My Appendix Removed

by Becca Pittman

Choosing to write about one thing that I love about Gardner-Webb was incredibly difficult since there are so many components which make Gardner-Webb the university that it is. The one that I chose to talk about here was, however, a component that I feel deserves more appreciation that it gets; the people who work as Gardner-Webb employees are unbelievable!

I have experienced these people in various situations such as in the dormitory, in the cafeteria, and especially both inside and outside of the classroom. The outside of classroom interaction with professors, and staff alike, is what strikes me the most about Gardner-Webb employees.

I'd like to tell about our great professors and the best way I know to describe just how invested they are is by sharing a story.

This story begins in the fall semester of my sophomore year at Gardner-Webb University, when I had to have my appendix removed. My parents live overseas and were unable to come be with me during my recovery, which left only my working aunt and uncle to take care of me.

One of my professors got my email about being in the hospital and since he knew about my parents not being in the same country made his way to visit me the same day that I was admitted. He was also incredibly understanding to help me make up the work that I missed. Another one of my professors encouraged me to take the necessary days to recover, understandably. By doing this, she also volunteered her own free time to stay late at work for me to make up chemistry lab and work that I had missed. Stories like mine are not uncommon for students who attend Gardner-Webb.

The faculty have made this university conducive to excellent learning, but they have not stopped there. They go out of their way to know their students and create an environment which cultures the growth of each student into who they are becoming.

Becca Pittman: Grew up overseas. Junior. Calls Gardner-webb "home." Psychology major hoping to continue on to get her doctorate in physical therapy. Proud aunt of a little nugget.