I Believe that We Will Win: Homecoming 2015

by Merideth Byl

What a crazy weekend we had here at the Webb! On top of the studying for midterms and crunch time for project deadlines, we had the Homecoming of a lifetime in Boiling Springs!

The week kicked off with an event sponsored by the sophomore class, glow-in-the-dark dodgeball, and you best believe we were dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging! To follow that up, the freshmen class decided it was a good idea to give everyone a bottle of paint to throw at each other at their paint fight on campus.

One of my personal favorite homecoming events was the midnight breakfast. The fresh pancakes smothered in hot syrup, nicely complimented with eggs and crispy bacon. Yum! Not to mention the company of some of the best people in this world (my friends)! Now that's totally worth staying up so late for.

But the festivities were just beginning as Saturday was the big day, especially for a Homecoming Queen hopeful, such as myself. I was flattered, and also extremely humbled by the fact that my fellow Runnin’ Bulldogs thought enough of me to vote for me to represent them. I had no reason to not be so hyped for the football game!

Then the rain came. The reliable (sarcasm) North Carolina weather let us down, again. The incessant rain meant that there would be no homecoming parade, and the wet weather certainly lessened the thrill of tailgating. The momentum and excitement that had building over the past week felt dampened by the rain.

However, as the resilient Runnin’ Bulldogs we are, we didn’t let that bring us down! It was time for football. IT WAS GAME DAY, BABY!!! Alumni and current students gathered together, in spite the rain, to cheer on our Runnin' Bulldogs! The game began and before you knew it Gardner-Webb was up by two touchdowns!! No one could believe it! We were beating No. 15, powerhouse Liberty by two touchdowns! The crowd was going nuts! The excitement was contagious as shouts and cheers rang out loud across the stadium!

When it came time for halftime, it was my turn to go down onto the field. As I walked down the 30 yd. line with my escort, Dr. Morgan a psychology professor, I listened as the announcer read off the last sentence of my brief bio; “I will forever bleed Runnin’ Bulldog red!" As the rest of the Homecoming Court took their designated places on the field, we all waited with hopeful hearts to see who would be crowned the 2015 Homecoming Queen. Then it happened, they called out my name! The explosive cheering erupted from the crowd! It was truly surreal. What an experience!

Here we are at the end of the half a.k.a. time to get back to demolishing Liberty! We scored, they scored and then they scored again. Was the game slipping away? No way! We can’t lose this now. Not after all this! Not on our homecoming night! It was time to get our Dawgs fired up! The student section turned to me, and I knew what had to be done. I took a deep breath and with all the force in my lungs shouted “I,” the crowd returned a roaring “I.”

“I believe,”

“I believe," the cheering masses echoed back. 

“I believe that,”  

“I believe that.”

Out of breath but not out of hope, I returned with a “I believe that we” and a thundering “I believe that we," rose up from the stands. 

“I believe that we will win!” 


The stadium erupted into an anthem of chants, cheers and shouts of victory!

Our football team continued to stomp out the Liberty Flames, and the crowd could not get enough of it! The scoreboard read 34 GWU v. 20 LU and the clock hit 0:00. The game was over and it was a victory! The student section flooded over the railing of the stadium, storming onto the field to celebrate our team, and our win. Nothing could have taken the smiles off our faces. What a time to be a Runnin' Bulldog!

And as for me, "I'll forever bleed Runnin' Bulldog red!"

                                                                                              - Your 2015 Homecoming Queen

Merideth Byl: Living that Senior life. AZ native. Biology major. FCA. Student Recruitment Ambassador. Greatest life accomplishment was playing baby Jesus in the Nativity play.