To you senior,

by Caroline Fry

Being at Gardner-Webb for so long I have kind of forgotten why I chose this school over the thousands of other schools out there. It hasn’t been until recently that it has been shown once again to me why Gardner-Webb is the perfect school for me. My little brother, Addison, is a senior in high school and it working on his own personal college hunt. I am constantly calling him to see how his trips to schools like George Washington, Vanderbilt, and The University of Tennessee went.

I feel like it is the same story every time I call, things like there are always tons of people on the tour with him and it has the big college feel. As I hang up with him I realize that schools like that are great for some people, but not for me. Gardner-Webb is perfect in my eyes, but even more perfect in the fall as the weather and leaves are changing. We have great school spirit during games, even though we do not have SEC Football. We have numerous people go high in their careers, even though we do not have the title of a Carolina or Duke. And we have one thing that most big schools do not have… STARS, because at big schools there are too many lights to see the stars at night.

Now, I am not going to sit here and say that Gardner-Webb is perfect for everyone, because it is not. People like Addison would not like Gardner-Webb, he wants that big college atmosphere. At Gardner-Webb I am not a number, I am Caroline Fry. Professors use my name regularly in class, except Dr. Coates who calls me “Señorita Fritas,” to make sure that I am able to answer questions and am paying attention, instead of scrolling through Facebook or worrying about who I am going to start in this weeks Fantasy Football matchup. When I am struggling in a class, there is no hesitation to go to my professor and get their help to relearn the material. Things like this would not matter to my Senior Class President, brainiac brother who can learn a subject if a brick wall taught it to him. But I know as an individual, Gardner-Webb is what I need in order to succeed and grow in both my career and in my life.

For you seniors, I would encourage you to sit down and really examine your personal life as both an individual and a student. Would you be able to succeed and make the grades at a school where your class sizes are about 500 people, or do you need to have that one-on-one attention that Gardner-Webb can give you? The decision of where you will go to college is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It will direct your future. So do not make this decision based on your friends or what will make you look good, but bathe this decision in prayer and The Lord will show you what direction you need to go.

Gardner-Webb has taught me a lot in the 2.5 years that I have been here and I cannot wait to see what else I will learn in the next year and a half. 

Caroline Fry: BS Marketing. Junior at Gardner-Webb. BoSox Fan. Cheerwine Connoisseur. I Back Pat. John 3:30.