So Much To Do, So Little Time

by Jessica Saltijeral

All too often I find myself in a new place ready to explore and venture out and see what my temporary home has to offer. My excitement and sightseeing charisma last for a solid week or so and then dies into “I’ll just do it another day.” Somewhere in the scheme of homework, naps, practices and meetings; I find myself filling my time with miscellaneous nonsense and before I know it my days turn into weeks, my weeks turn into years and now here I am only 74 days from graduating.

As I sit back and take in the reality that my days at Gardner-Webb are limited, I realize that my freshman year aspirations of spontaneous road trips, hiking and camping the Carolina Mountains, Charlotte after dark, and going to the Biltmore Estate have never been accomplished simply due to the fact that I made the careless mistake of thinking I could just push it off until another day.

Do you recall the phrase Carpe Diem? Well, that’s my advice to you in college. Seize the moment. Your time here is limited and your college experience goes far beyond the perimeters of Boiling Springs, NC. The opportunities here are truly endless and are await you; you just need to make the time to take advantage of them.

Carpe Diem,

Here I come Biltmore. 

Jessica Saltijeral: Senior, B.A. Communications & New Media, Mid-West breed, Catholic raised, Mexican, Non-Honors, happily content n.a.r.p.