10 Commandments of College

  I encourage you to challenge yourself to meet a new person every week. Getting out of my comfort zone and reaching beyond what I would consider my “friend group” at Gardner-Webb has become one of my favorite things. You will run into people at sporting events, in the caf, and walking across the quad to class, so introduce yourself!


2)     Study Hard


After all, your primary reason for being here is to receive an education.  Study, Study, Study! Often, students will underestimate the time needed to study outside of a class which may lead to a bad grade that could have been avoided. Form study groups and find a place where distractions are minimal. I suggest the 3rd floor of the Library.


3)     Keep applying for scholarships 


Did you know that you can continue applying for scholarships throughout college? Plenty of organizations offer scholarships for current students, and many of them don’t even require writing essays. Whether it’s $50 or $500, that money can go a long way towards your tuition.


4)     Manage your time well!


Time management is essential. Block off when you plan to study and stick to it! This way you will have free time to spend with your friends, and not be stressed about a paper or a project. College is about getting an education, but it is also about learning who you are and creating memories with your friends. Take spontaneous trips to Asheville, Greenville, and Gaffney. Or if you are looking for something a little closer by, a day spent on the Broad River is always relaxing.


5)     Branch out and be friends with everyone


You may get into college and find yourself in a clique. Maybe you did not mean to put yourself in this place, but it is never too late to break out of your tight-knit circle of friends. Be intentional to reach beyond your friend group. Being exclusive in college is not cool!


6)     Remember to eat healthy and exercise


You have options and you have opportunities to choose healthy! Choosing to eat healthy will give you a new energy for each day and fuel your overall health. You may last longer in classes and have more energy to invest in people! Along with lots of healthy food options, Gardner-Webb has a great gym and offers Cross-Fit, ReFit, and other group exercise classes. Try out a class or bring a friend to the gym. If you’re thinking about how much you need to study, bring your notes with you to walk on the treadmill—I’ve seen it before. It’s college. We understand!


7)     Get involved in clubs and organizations


Attend the connect fair at the being of each semester, wether you are an incoming freshman, a transfer student, or even a current student looking to get more involved. On campus, there are over 100 clubs and organizations to join. Churches, organizations, and other groups from Shelby and Boiling Springs come to the connect fair to reach out to students, so you are sure to find something on or off campus to get involved with.


8)     Sleep!


Okay, you’ve heard it before: sleep is important. In college it seems students go one of two ways, they either sleep ALL DAY or stay up til 4 am goofing off. Try and find a balance between getting your rest and still being able to goof off.


9)     Take time for yourself


Sometimes even the most extroverted person needs to take time to themselves! In college, it’s easy to be surrounded by people 24/7. Taking time for yourself is another thing that will benefit your overall health. For me, that looks like taking a drive, or walking around campus. Take it as a time to reset and refocus!


10)And remember, it’s okay to not have a perfect adjustment


College is not about having the perfect adjustment. It’s a big change, and you will probably miss home, miss your parents and pets, and think, “I’ll never feel at home here.” Give yourself time to adjust – be it a week or a month – and try new experiences. Get outside of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid of messing up – we’re all here to learn, grow, and have a good time doing it.

Liz Jacques ‘21, Nursing Student (BSN).