A Day At The Webb

As a high school student, have you ever wondered how college works and what are some of the differences between high school and college life? Well, you don’t have to ask this question anymore because I am going to tell you a little bit about what the day in the life of a college student is like. Also, I will mention some useful information that you might find helpful for your future college days.

Let’s start with the basics: move-in day. Incoming freshmen move-in day is on a Friday, five days before classes start. Returning students move-in day is usually on a Monday, two days before classes start. Unlike other colleges, Gardner-Webb has orientation for these 5 days you are on campus before class starts. Orientation is full of fun activities, you get more free stuff than you will know what to do with and you will be assigned to a group, which will be your University 111 class and might just become some of your closest friends here at the Webb! You will take this class only for your first semester where the professor teaches you the basics you need to know about college, such as where you find specific offices on campus and how to effectively manage your time. Also, you will get to do a service learning project in this class.

College students have very different schedules than high school students. At GWU there are Monday-Wednesday-Friday (MWF) classes and Tuesday-Thursday (TR) classes. MWF classes are 50 minute long classes and TR classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes long. In your first semester your assigned advisor puts your schedule together and then after the first semester you can choose your classes. There are 1, 3 and 4 credit classes depending on their intensity level and the department which the classes are in. Science classes are usually 4 credit classes. Flexibility in your class schedule gives you the opportunity to pick the times which you feel like you will best learn at.

Freshmen also have to attend Dimensions for four academic semesters. You have to attend 10 Dimensions sessions each semester which is on Tuesdays at 9:30 A.M. and sometimes offered on Thursdays or at the evenings. This is a graduation requirement, but luckily you don’t have any homework from this!

At Gardner-Webb we have girls and boys dorms separately. We have Decker, Stroup, Spangler-Myers for the girls and we have Lutz, Mauney, Royster for the boys. There is a dorm for Honor students, HAPY, where both boys and girls live in separate wings. We have University Commons that includes Apartments and Suites. Four people live in each apartment and 5-8 people live in each suite. Most freshman choose to live in dorms, since they are more centrally located to classes on campus and it makes the transition to college not as hard, since you are surrounded by others who are in the same boat as you are. In each building there will be a Resident Advisor, which is just another upperclassmen student that lives near you in case you have any problems or need help with anything!

We have various dining options here at Gardner-Webb. At Tucker Student Center we have World of Wings (WOW), Broad River Coffee, Cantina and Sub-Connect. You can only use flex points for WOW and Broad River, but for Cantina and Sub-Connect you can use meal-exchange which means that you eat there instead of the Caf, which is the main dining place on campus. The “Caf” is in the Dover Campus Center (DCC), which is where the admissions office is. There is also Chick-Fil-A on the bottom floor of the DCC. You can choose from three different meal-plans: 10, 15 or 21 meals per week. You will have more flex-points (which is basically money on your ID that you can use on campus) if you have less meals a week. For example, you will have a lot more flex-money if you have the 10-meal-per- week than if you had the 21-meal-per-week.

We have a club called Dawg Pound, which is like a pep squad for sporting events. For some GWU athletic events there is a spirit section for students. There are going be many sporting events, games, races, and meets happening on campus and for designated events that you attend you can earn points. At the end of the year the student who had the most points (attended most sports events) gets a reward. Last year the student who won got a full tuition scholarship for the next academic year. It definitely worth it to go to the sporting events!

I hope this information was useful for the incoming Freshmen and you guys will love as much Gardner-Webb as we do! 

Lili Gabriella Toth. Hungarian. Senior. Public Relations major. Business minor. Swimmer. Resident Advisor. World Traveller. Adventure Seeker. 

6 Spotify Playlists For Studying

Once you get to college, have a roommate and are living in a dorm, it can sometimes be challenging to find a silent place to study. While this may not be the norm for those of you who are used to studying in your room alone, there is always another option. One thing that I hae found to be very helpful in my college career is to find some really great music that can make your study time even better! Some people like to listen to classical music while they work, and others prefer music that they know all the words to, so no matter what your preference is, there is a study playlist for you.

Here are the links to a few great study playlists!

If you like to listen to music without words, this is the one for you! https://open.spotify.com/album/1g0nYG3m5ZkkXUOQIMMF4k

If you prefer some tunes that you probably already know all the words to, here you go! https://open.spotify.com/user/126178130/playlist/4yrOWePyC9zQJ0MKg889Ti

If you like to listen to some inspirational Christian music, this is the best. https://open.spotify.com/user/121603057/playlist/1W1gJzbqwjMrGWIAJ7t7W3

This playlist here has various songs from epic movies that are sure to inspire your studying. https://open.spotify.com/user/mrpresident91/playlist/3zlql9Qek8qb9ktAuaWZRN

If you’re up late studying and need some classic study jams, this playlist is sure to keep you awake and motivated!


And, if you love to listen to some Disney jams, this is the playlist you’ll want to hear. It is instrumental versions of various Disney songs. What could be better study music than that? https://open.spotify.com/user/amostpeculiarmademoiselle/playlist/0aIRbnR8OyEgrMC0FCqI8U

Hopefully you’ll be able to find your style of college studying music. Best of luck in all of those hours you will spend listening to these tunes throughout college! 

Raygan Hall: Senior. Psychology Major. Youth Discipleship Minor. 

Places To Visit Near Campus pt.1 – Asheville

Places To Visit Near Campus pt.1 – Asheville

When people ask me where Gardner-Webb is I usually tell them it’s near Charlotte, but really there are many other big cities nearby. Although Boiling Springs isn’t a city that most people know off the top of their heads, it is a place that has tremendous character and many fun things to do just down the road. One of my favorite weekend destinations is Asheville, NC, which just happens to be about an hour away from campus!

CLASS OF 2021: What to do your first semester at GWU

MOVE IN (8/18):

This is the day you’ve been waiting for all summer: move in day! Enjoy a fresh start at a new place with plenty of new friends to be made. Say hi to the people on your hall, and let your mom arrange your room however she wants (you can switch it up when she leaves, but it will make her feel better about you leaving the nest for the first time). Sleep well tonight, there’s lots to come!


MEN’S SOCCER (8/19):

Men’s soccer will be the first home sporting event of the year, and of your college career. Come out to the game and sign up for the Bulldog Battalion. The Battalion is a student section/incentive program for students to come to both men’s and women’s soccer matches. If you attend ten home soccer matches, you get a free t-shirt with the Bulldog Battalion logo on it. So come out and support the Runnin’ Bulldogs for the first time of many!



Campus will no longer be just you Freshies. Don’t worry though, we upperclassmen don’t bite. We are all really excited to meet you all and help you along in your college journey, after all, we were in your shoes not long ago! Get to know the returning students as they come back to campus on the 21st.



Do you like free stuff? Are you wondering where to plug in on campus and in the community once you get on campus? Good, because the connect fair is your one-stop-shop for all things extracurricular at Gardner-Webb. From 11-2 on the 22nd, take a trip to the Tucker Student Center, where nearly every club and department on campus will have an informational booth, as will tons of local businesses and churches. The connect fair is a great way to learn what there is on campus and in the community to get involved in, plus, almost every booth gives away free things ranging from pens and school supplies, to T-Shirts and so much more!



Welcome to syllabus week! The first day or two of class will be a period where you go through the syllabus and get prepared for what’s to come throughout the semester. Don’t be shocked if a professor starts teaching on day one, though. After class, take the time to introduce yourself to professors! They want to get to know their students, and it never hurts to have a good relationship with them come difficult times.



Find some friends and make the ten-minute drive to uptown Shelby for the last Shelby Alive event of the summer. There will be live music from “The Java Band”, food and drinks, and a great memory to make with your new friends under the lights at the City Pavilion! Want to know more? Check out the website.



Come out and watch the women’s soccer team take on the University of Maryland Terrapins in their home opener. The women’s soccer team finished last season with a hot streak, winning five of their last six games and making it to the quarter finals of the Big South Conference tournament. Last year’s game against the Terps ended in a 1-1 double overtime draw, so come root on the Runnin’ Bulldogs to a win this time around.



The 29th is the first Tuesday of the semester, which is a day you will come to know and love as PC Tuesdays. PC is short for Pleasant City Woodfired Grille, which is a restaurant in uptown Shelby that serves amazing brick-oven woodfired pizza. On Tuesday nights, they have a half-off pizza special, so you can get a mouthwatering specialty pizza for $5. Get a group of friends and head over to Shelby for your first of many Tuesday PC trips.



When it comes to rivers around campus, you’ve got a couple options. Both the First Broad River and the French Broad River are within ten miles of campus. These rivers feature great trails for hiking or biking, are great for floating on a tube, and have great areas to just hang out on the bank and catch some sun.



The Runnin’ Bulldogs volleyball team has its home opener Friday, September 1st in Paul Porter Arena. Come out and join in the rowdiest student section in the Big South and help the lady Dawgs get a win over the NC Central Eagles!



GWU football kicks off its 2017 campaign with a home matchup against the NC A&T Aggies. There’s nothing like fall Saturdays in the South, so come out early for student tailgating and enjoy the first of many sporting your GWU pride. Tailgates always have free food and drinks provided by student activities and the Dawg Pound, plus there’s live music and plenty of games. The football team returns multiple all-Americans and all-Big South players on both sides of the ball, the Big South Offensive Player of the Year, and the third-most accurate place kicker in all of FCS. With five home games, the Runnin’ Bulldogs are set up to have an exciting season!



A few times each semester, Student Activities plans a night where students are given a free movie ticket and activity voucher for the Big E entertainment center in Gaffney, SC. These nights are always a great way to get off campus for a night, as basically the entire school migrates across the border into South Carolina for a night of movies, bowling, mini-golf, laser-tag, and more!



The Cleveland County Fair is a local staple. People come from all over the country to experience one of the top county fairs that you’ll find in the United States. Whether it’s local food like world-renowned barbecue or fried Oreos, thrilling rides, or other attractions that bring you to the fairgrounds, be prepared to enjoy a new experience!


FALL FOR GREENVILLE (10/13-10/15):

Fall for Greenville is one of the Southeast’s largest outdoor festivals. This festival takes place in downtown Greenville, which is about fifty minutes away from the GWU campus. Take the short trip and soak in the beautiful scenery of Greenville while you listen to free live music and eat incredible food, all while making lasting memories with your friends!



Gardner-Webb is right in the middle of hiking heaven. Even better, we also have some of the best fall foliage in the entire Southeast. There are more than a handful of options when it comes to hiking near the Webb. First, you have local spots such as Crowders Mountain or South Mountain. Then, in Asheville, you’ve got great options in the Dupont State Forest and Craggy Pinnacle Trail. Lastly, just outside of Greenville, you can find incredible views such as Pretty Place or Table Rock. What’s best about this is these are only a few of the options nearby, there are dozens more places to go if an afternoon of hiking is what you enjoy!

How to make Gardner-Webb your home away from home

Being away from home for the first time can be a little scary, so here’s some tips on making Gardner-Webb feel a little like home!


1.     Pick a good mattress pad!
If you’re like me and value your sleep more than anything, then pick a mattress pad that’s going to feel the most comfortable. Dorm beds aren’t the best so when you have good bedding, your mattress will feel just as good as your bed from home, if not better!

2.     Decorate!
Your room is where you will be living for a year, so you don’t want it to be a place you hate spending your time. Decorate your room to best fit your personality. Put up lights, posters, tapestries, pictures, anything! Make it a sanctuary place for you to be able to relax and enjoy with your roommate and other friends.

3.     Get involved on campus!
I know that is a cliché line that everyone tells you when you get to college, but it’s the truth. Try joining an intramural team, apply for a work-study, or join one of the many ministry groups on campus! There are so many opportunities here at Gardner-Webb, and it’s a way to keep yourself busy and invested throughout the year.

4.     Meet new people!
No one can go through life alone so why not have a couple good friends to help you get through it. Freshman year is one of the hardest to get through due to the major change in scenery. So go to those awkward dorm gatherings! Embrace the madness of Freshman orientation week and introduce yourself to new people. College is a place where people from many different places and backgrounds come together, so go out and meet new people and you’ll be surprised with who you meet and who may just become your lifelong friend.

5.     Get to know the local area!
The metropolis of Boiling Springs is only so big, so get to know what’s around the area. Shelby and Gaffney are both only a short drive away and both have plenty of places to go, especially when you’re looking for a good place to eat! Charlotte and Greenville are some of the major cities a little further out and offer even more opportunities to go out and have a good time. So go explore with friends, but always remember to be safe!


Freshman year is definitely terrifying and you will get homesick from time to time, but hopefully with these tips, home won’t feel so far away!  

Jasmine Patin. Sophomore. Public Relations major. Spanish minor. Women's Volleyball.

The Nursing-Athlete Life

The Nursing-Athlete Life

The number one question people ask me is, “How do you do it?”

I always laugh at this question because the answer is that it is definitely not easy! Being a nursing student, a Division I swimmer, and having a college social life does not always seem like it could be possible, but it can be—I live it daily! I experience both the stress and the victories that come from this combination.